He Pursued Me


“I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” Jeremiah 31b NIV

It is weird how ones’ life direction can change suddenly. The first time I saw my college sweetheart, I really did not give him a second thought. I was not looking for a serious relationship and dating was the last thing on my mind. However, it was for me, “love at second sight”.  It was during a Sunday morning worship service on campus, I turned around and I saw him, at that moment I think my heart skipped a beat.  Calvin was dressed in a gray pinstriped suit. I felt a special connection even though we had not yet engaged in any serious conversations. Soon after that Sunday we started talking and going out on dates.

He began pursuing me, calling me, buying me flowers and gifts, taking me out to the finest restaurants a student could afford (McDonalds, and the Spaghetti shop on the campus corner). He was everywhere I went. He was stalking me. LOl 

I decided to call my Christian friend from Chicago to get some advice about this young man that seemed “to-good” to be true.  I shared with her, “He is intelligent, a Christian and nice looking! He is pulling out all stops to pursue me”.  My friend simply said, “What do you want?” After that conversation I stopped playing hard to get. My college sweetheart became my husband two years later.  Forty years later now, I am so grateful He did not stop pursuing me. 

I think about how God pursues us, not forcefully, but lovingly. He is, to the human mind “to-good” to be true, but for those who have given in to His pursuit, He is more than anyone could ever imagine or dream, “Exceedingly, Abundantly Above All We Could Ask Or Think”, He Is God!

God is asking, “What do you want?” I want a God that pursues me even when I don’t love myself or feel worthy of His love.  That’s exactly the kind of love God is expressing in Jeremiah. It’s the husbands love for his bride, an everlasting love, one that will never cease. We, like Israel, did not initiate this love, God did! He is everywhere present and at just the right moment when you really stop and think about His love, when you think about just how good God is, you will stop running away and run to the God who is pursuing you. 

Thank you Lord for pursuing and loving me unconditionally!