Our Mission: to usher in the presence of God through MIME

Our Purpose: to encourage people to build a closer relationship with the Most High God

Our Goal: is to accomplish our purpose in dramatic gestures, facial expressions & gospel music

Our Objectives:

  1. Mime 101: Paint Application, Attire & Song Selection
  2. Impartation / Behind the Paint
  3. Mime choreography & techniques
  4. Exalt the Lord!

MIME is a way to express a story through body motions and facial expressions, without speech (or talking). We are not “super Saints,” but we are “super Natural” under God’s anointing, and we also have fun in our journey with Christ. We have a passion for the Word of God and compassion for His people – YOU! So, if you are a member and are interested in volunteering your creative abilities in MIME, please leave your contact information at the Greeter’s station in the foyer at Abundant Faith, thank you!