Praise Dance Ministry

Psalm 149:3 “Let the children of Zion rejoice in their King, let them praise His name in dance.”

To minister through movement with a heart fully yielded to the Lord using expressive gestures, postures, and technical skills as called by God in order to encourage the bearing of fruit in the lives of those to whom we minister.


1. To present the Word through dance so that souls may be save, delivered, healed, and set free.

2. To express our inward relationships through an outward expression, born out of a heart that desires to offer praise and worship to God.

3. To glorify God through movement in a way that shows our appreciation of His Worth.

4. To deny the flesh in order to be totally and completely yielded to the Lord so that His people may see Christ through dance.

If you have any questions then please fill out the form below and our Praise Dance leader will contact you. Or if you don’t like forms, please contact our Administrative Office at 217.585.4000.