Abundant Faith Supportive Services (AFSS) is an agency that is an extension of Abundant Faith Christian Center (AFCC). AFSS is focused on providing supportive services to individuals and families in the community.

Managed by staff and directed by an Advisory Committee, AFSS offers, but is not limited to, providing outreach, case management, advocacy and follow-up services to people in Springfield and
the surrounding areas.

Our main goal is to link people to resources within AFCC and/or outside agencies that will assist each individual or family in reaching and maintaining independent living and self-sufficiency.


For more information regarding AFSS, please feel free to contact us at (217) 527-1006.

Helping Our Community

Haven House

The Haven House Project is created to provide both single women and women with children a peaceful and structured environment.

Haven Apartments

Haven Apartments is an 8-unit supportive housing complex located at 2501 Empowerment Drive in Springfield, Illinois.

King's Court

The King’s Court is an 18 unit apartment complex located at 2641 East Cook Street in Springfield, Illinois.

Manna Storehouse

Manna Storehouse, Abundant Faith Christian Church, 2525 Taylor Avenue, Springfield, IL 62703, phone number 585-4000